What Can You Change?

Some things you cannot change no matter how much you want. For example, as of the first of 2014 incandescent light bulbs are for all practical purposes finished in the U.S. Sure, some people have a few they already bought and the stores are allowed to sell what they have in stock, but then that it. For all practical purposes, this is one of those things you cannot change.

Change What Needs Changing

Too often we get caught up in fretting about something we wish we could change but simply lack the ability or authority to do so. The phasing out of incandescent bulbs is one of those things we can’t change, so why focus on it?

Yet, this post is not about light bulbs. It is really about the direction you are looking. In the business world you will also see things you wish you could change, but no matter how strong the desire you simply cannot. If you spend your time looking back at what is done and cannot be changed, you are wasting your time. Rather, your focus should be looking forward and considering what can you change?

What Matters

The things you can change are really what matters. It is just as important to accurately identify what really needs changing. That means not just changing what is already present, but also introducing change in the form of new ideas. Just like changing what is already present in your business, you also need to be careful about the change you introduce via new ideas, products, services, processes, etc.

This sometimes can be a difficult undertaking. (see Change is Hard | Or Is It? for some thoughts on how to minimize difficulties)

You will need to accurately answer the questions:

  1. What can you change?
  2. What of the things you identify actually need changing?
  3. What are your priorities for change?

When it comes to priorities, look for those things where you can create the most positive impact on your business. These should be tackled first. You may find later that some of the less important changes you identified are no longer important. But, the point is to go for what really matters.

Remember, change is nearly always hard. What can you change that will move your business forward?

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