What Are Your Goals?

Goals are one of those things most of us know we should use but often fail to do so. Basically they are what we use to realize our vision (see Why You Need a Vision Statement) and fulfill our mission (See Why You Need a Purpose or Mission Statement). Here are some thoughts on how to make goals meaningful and more likely to be achieved.


Failure to set goals for business leaves you directionless. Goals give you targets at which to aim. They also give you a way to track your progress. It is common to hear goals should be shaped using the acronym SMART. As you probably know that refers to”

S          Specific. Goals must be specific in what is the target.

M        Measurable. There must be a way to measure progress toward a goal

A         Attainable. We become discouraged if we set goals that are unrealistic

R         Relevant. They should relevant in helping fulfill your mission and vision

T          Timely That is, there should be a deadline for reaching goals

There are some variations on this theme, but I believe the SMART acronym is a good starting point. However, I also believe there is something else that should be considered. To makes goals more likely to be attained, it helps if they are stated in a way that connects to us on a personal level. That is, they make a connection to us that will cause us to be emotionally involved.

What Does That Mean?

First let me say that I am not referring to something where your emotions take over your brain. That will cloud your thinking and make you less effective. Saying that your goals connect with you emotionally is really another way of saying, “Are these truly your goals and do they inspire you to take action to achieve them?”

But My Company Has Its Own Goals

The reality is that sometimes we are given a set of goals to achieve. That is simply the nature of the business world. So how do you make an emotional connection with goals that may not be your own? A helpful approach is to see if you can develop goals of your own that relate to the goals given to you. You are still attempting to reach the goals of the company, but by setting sub-goals of your own that are meaningful to you, you are much more likely to take the necessary actions.

Basically, I’m trying to say that we all function better when we feel engaged in the process. If you can set your own sub-goals that will do that and also support the overall goals of the company, you will find it easier to be engaged in the process.

If you are responsible for setting overall goals for a company, encourage those who report to you to figure out their own goals that will help them support the company\s goals. Your goals are more likely to be helped by others if they have their own goals as well.

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