We’re Making Money – So Why Change?

Think about some of the companies you have done business with that no longer exist. There is a good chance they disappeared because they failed to change. It is quite likely that failure to change is why they are no longer in business or were absorbed by another company.

But I Don’t Like Change!

Okay, let me be upfront with you – I’m one of those rare people who really like change, even though I will acknowledge that some of it proves to be futile. However, most people do not like change. That is understandable. It means learning new things that may at first seem ridiculous. It also means getting out of your comfort zone.

What Happens Without Change?

Can you name some of the auto manufacturers or brands that no longer exist? How about American Motors, Packard, Studebaker, and a host of others? They either no longer exist or were absorbed into another company. What about K-Mart that once ruled the roost for discount department stores? Can you name a common theme for each of these? They all failed to change with the times. The styles, tastes, and demands of consumers constantly change.

Change Is Inevitable

Since consumer’s taste and needs are constantly changing, you better change with them or your business will go away. Imagine if you made telephone booths, or AM only radios, or cassette players, or wood tennis racquets and never developed any new products. How well do you think you would be doing now? You would probably be out of business. Even if your customers are other businesses their needs and wants change.

You cannot stop customers from changing. It is the nature of our world and it really is inevitable. In reality though, it opens up new opportunities.

Will You Change or Be Changed?

You either deliberately change to meet the changing market place, or your market place will change you in a way you won’t like. Yes, change can be difficult and is frequently disruptive. But, if you are proactive rather than just reactive, you can make change a lot less difficult (maybe even fun) and avoid unnecessary pain.

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