We All Need Partners

There is something about the individual who goes it alone that we tend to admire. Yet, the reality is doing it all yourself and being successful is the exception rather than the rule. Generally, out of necessity and desire, we develop strategic partnerships that help us and our partners. By that I don’t necessarily mean partners in our company. We can view our relationships with our vendors (See Managing a Vendor for more on this) and our customers (See Managing Customer Relationships for more) as strategic partnerships where each is meeting some need or desire of the other. The bottom line is we all need partners.

Some Advantages of Partners

Here are just a few of the advantages to partnering with others:

  1. They can often cover for us when we have other responsibilities
  2. Partners can make us aware of new opportunities
  3. They offer valuable advice and feedback
  4. They minimize risk
  5. We can sometimes expand our business without having more inventory

See The Long Tail to Grow You Business for more on this

  1. They make us stronger by us not having to do it all

Again, I want to emphasize that to take full advantage of partners, we need to see our customers, vendors, service providers, professional advisors (accounting and legal) and others as partners in the ours and their success.

How Partnerships Work

The best partnerships are those where each partner makes it clear to the other that they want both to be successful and that they have each others best interest at heart. I personally have friends and business acquaintances that I look to for advice and encouragement in both my professional and personal life (these sometimes overlap). If you read the About section on the AimCFO.com website you will see the term “We” is used. This is because AimCFO relies on strategic relationship (read that as partnerships) to help clients get the resources they need. I think it is helpful to all of us when we reach out and establish relationships

Handshake - Partners

So here are my questions to you. Do you have partnerships, either within you company or outside it or both, that you can rely on? Are you actively expanding your partnerships? I encourage you to be deliberate in this endeavor. It will make both you and your company stronger. Again, I repeat, we all need partners.

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

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