Uninterrupted Time Off

Ever been on vacation or a holiday and seen others tied up on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone taking care of business? That is certainly not uninterrupted time off. Perhaps you have experienced the same thing. My question is, does that count as time to rest and recuperate?

Nobody is That Crucial to a Business

While individuals are not replaceable to family and friends, that is not true for work. Think about it. We have all known someone who died. For their family the loss left a void that can never be filled. The same is true when someone leaves the family. The best they can do is to mourn their loss and then eventually move forward.

However, when it comes to business, what happens when someone dies or quits? There may be other employees who feel a sense of loss, but usually not like that of losing a family member. In the case of an employee who quits, there may also be a sense of abandonment. Then the question becomes, “How will we cover their responsibilities?” Often it is relatively easy to replace someone, particularly if their role was not a complex one and if others can pick up the slack until a replacement is hired. Sometimes companies seize the opportunity to realign duties and find that a new employee is not needed. That begs the question, “Why wasn’t this realignment done before?”

The bottom line is, though, rarely is someone indispensable to a business. The exception may be a company owner, particularly when it is a sole proprietorship. But most of us have seen employees come and go with a company and business continued as usual.

If That’s True, Then What

Let me connect the two ideas above. If, in general, nobody is indispensable, then why are people spending their vacations working on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Can it not wait? Why weren’t arrangements made in advance to cover their role? Everyone needs a break from the routine. We all need time to unwind, think about other things, re-connect with family and friends, and simply have fun. The old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is true. Never taking time away from work causes people to become bored and eventually boring to others.

This can be true in another way in our day-to-day life. We have all seen people sitting in a restaurant and everyone is looking at their smartphone. Something is missing called face-to-face interaction. People need it. How often do you answer your phone for either work or a personal matter and ignore the person you are with? Unless it is an emergency or something critical, isn’t that being rude? Actually it is rude even to the person who does this as they are robbing themselves of important time with others. Just like vacations and holidays, everyone needs personal uninterrupted time off.

Think about how your company and you personally operate. Are we respectful of ourselves, family and friends, and employees when it comes to their personal time? Failure to do so will eventually diminish effectiveness and efficiency.

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