Try Something New to Progress

We live in a time where the rate of change is increasing. That mean you must be willing to try something new to progress. Of course not everything will work. Yet, the possibility something will not work should not paralyze us from trying.

But We’ve Always Done It This Way

The expression, “But we’ve always done it this way” seems to be a running joke in that people so often are frustrated trying to get their ideas accepted. Unfortunately, even those who feel this way are subject to getting stuck in routines that no longer work well or even at all. As the saying goes, old habits die hard.

Why is Change So Hard?

Besides getting in a rut, what other reasons make change so hard? For one thing, many people are by nature stubborn and not open to new ideas and methods. While that certainly contributes to the difficulty of making changes, I suspect an even bigger reason is fear. As a result we have a difficult time making decisions.

We fear making the wrong decision and what it may cost us. When you find yourself in this state of fear, yet deep down insider know you should try something new to progress, it pays to remind yourself that your present probably looks very little like your past, If you stop and think about how you do things now, chances are that your methods are very different. Think about just a few things. If you are like most people you probably pay your bills electronically rather than write a check. If you watch movies at home there is a good chance you stream them rather than rent a DVD. Much, and probably most, of your communication is sent electronically via email or test messages rather than snail mail. If you think a little about the changes that have occurred, many of them seemed to just happen to you or were in some way forced upon you.

Be Proactive

A few years ago the word proactive seemed to come into common usage. I’m not sure most people were that deliberate about being proactive in making changes but rather fell into the camp of those for whom change was eventually unavoidable. But stop to think how much easier many of these changes have made things. You rarely have to go buy stamps to mail bill payments if you pay electronically. Not only that but paying bills electronically gives you greater control of when things get paid.

Knowing how some of these changes have improved your life, maybe it would pay to be more deliberate in adopting new methods of doing things. Are you still holding onto a lot of paper records that could easily be converted to digital records? Several years ago I made the move to keeping digital copies of my personal bills. The amount of storage space this saved, coupled with the ease of access made this transition well worth it. If you haven’t done this I highly recommend you do so. What other areas are ripe for change to make your life easier. We cannot improve if we are afraid of change and must be willing to try something new to progress. We should not have a spirit of fear but rather be willing to entertain and adopt new ideas to create improvement. We either change of our own initiative or change will be forced on us.

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