Time to Think


Before you begin a major undertaking in your business do you take time to think in depth? It is critical if you are to avoid unexpected results.

It Begins with Thoughts

Before we do anything we first think. Even those routine things we do daily involve some thought beforehand. But, in this posting we are concerned with actions that are not routine, at least not yet.

On something personal such as buying new furniture you would most likely spend some time thinking about what you wanted to accomplish as to visual appeal, impression you make on others, comfort, what you want to spend, etc. It would be rather unusual to just go buy new furniture. Even when we do act somewhat impulsively in something like this, we really are actively thinking as we do so. We have merely shortened the time we spend thinking through our actions before taking them.

Some Examples in Business

In a prior posting I mentioned that I once had a client where when I first started I quickly realized that it was taking far too long to close the books each month. I then went into how I set about solving this problem. What I didn’t point out in this is that after examining the process as it currently was done, I took some time to think before developing a plan of action. If I had just jumped into action I think there would still have been improvement, but I also think opportunities would have been missed.

Similarly, when I am setting up QuickBooks for a company I first ask a number of questions and then take time to think before developing a plan of implementation. Without first thinking through the process and the potential pitfalls the risks of problems would increase significantly, as would the possibility that the client would not get what they wanted.

Bottom Line

When you have a major project (and many minor ones as well), do you take time to think before you jump into action? If you don’t then I suggest you do. It can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

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