Time to Reflect

When you have been involved in implementing a project do you take time to reflect and evaluate how well things are going?

Some Summary

In three postings preceding this called Time to Think, Time to Plan and Time to Act we looked at the logical process of implementing a project, business plan, etc. Now let’s assume you have done the first two of these and are into the taking action portion.


After the initial actions of implementing something have been taken you will likely begin to get feedback from other within the company and perhaps from outside as well. I suggest you carefully listen and make notes on that feedback. Once you have enough feedback, it would be wise to again take time to think, only this time the thinking is more a time to reflect on what is working, what isn’t working, and what might become an issue. Like the initial thinking process and subsequent planning process, this is an excellent time to use a mind map to collect information and put it in a form that can be easily examined so that conclusions can be formed.

Why the Simple Plan is Great

To reiterate, in the postings The Business Plan – Hold On to the Napkin and Unfocused Business I made the case for having a simple plan, whether it is for a business plan or a project. Again, that does not mean you won’t ever have a need for a more detailed plan, The purpose of the simple plan is to offer a quick reference so that you see not only what needs to be done next but also what hasn’t worked as planned. Also, once again, another advantage to having this simple plan is that changes can be made more rapidly than with a detailed plan. When you spend your time to reflect this simple plan can prove highly valuable in assessing what is working, what is not working, and what could be changed to be even better.

At your company are you taking sufficient time to reflect to determine just how well you have thought out, planned, and acted on a project? We can all learn something from a time of reflection that will help us perform better.

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