The Time to Act is Now

Perhaps you’ve been contemplating making some changes to your business but find it difficult to make a move. This is a common fear.

There’s No Time like the Present

One of the most effective antidotes to fear is action. Generally what we fear will occur is greatly exaggerated. On a personal level, how many people do you think were terrified of riding a roller-coaster managed to conquer their fear by facing it and riding for the first time? Many of those same people end-up being the most likely to ride a coaster. The key to eliminating their fear was to act in spite of it. They realized their fear was irrational and that if they were to conquer it their attitude had to be the time to act is now.

Business is Really No Different

Imagine you have been considering starting a small business. You’ve researched such things as your market, customer demand for products and services, methods of promoting and selling, and other critical things. In fact, all your research indicates that your business has a high probability of success. So why are you waiting? Essentially, we all want a guarantee that things will go as planned. Well, here’s a little secret. They won’t. But that is insufficient reason to procrastinate. Even businesses that have been in operation for years find that their plans often unfold very differently from what they anticipated. However, since they are already operating they may find it easier to forge on.

Here is another little secret. As the new kid on the block you actually may have more flexibility to make changes on the fly to adjust to the unexpected. So, again I pose the questions, “Why are you waiting?” The answer is likely fear; fear of failure, fear you won’t be able to cope, fear others will laugh at you, fear of financial ramifications, etc. So, what do you do? Face your fears! Remember, the time to act is now.

face your fears

So What’s Holding You Back?

If fear is holding you back then here is a suggestion:

  • Make one final run-through of what you are trying to do with the mindset that after that you will act
  • When you are done reviewing all the information, then act, remembering that to not act is an act itself if only by default

Unfortunately when you do not deliberately make a choice to act one way or another then it is largely out of your control. You could easily be sitting here a year from now still mulling over the same decision and in the meantime you will have wasted a year.

How do you avoid getting paralyzed when making a decision? Are you one to wait for someone else to decide for you? Are you waiting for outside forces to force your hand? Or, do you recognize that once you have your needed information the time to act is now and stalling is likely nothing more than fear?

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