The High Price of Integrity

Earlier I wrote an article, Integrity-–-Success Demands It, in which I discussed the importance of maintaining high integrity in business.

There Is a Price

In my earlier writing I mentioned a couple of instances where I was faced with having to refuse to do something I knew to be dishonest or had to report the dishonesty of another employee. While it was actually easy for me to maintain the position I took, the consequences were another story. In both cases I was soon out of a job. I was okay with that, but along with it came the loss of income. In essence, it’s somewhat like starting over from scratch. As you have heard, it is easier to find work if you already have work, so I no longer had that advantage. Being out of work for a time was a price I had to pay for maintaining integrity. Another price is that some potential employers are going to be suspicious, no matter how I related my story to them.

There are Benefits

I think it is important to not get too caught up in the price paid to maintain integrity. After all, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, those companies that are uncomfortable hiring someone who left a previous job because they would not compromise their principles are probably not the place to be anyway. You or I could end up in the same situation all over again. So what are the benefits? Well, that built in screening out of companies that would not be a good match is one benefit. In my particular case, in one of these events others confirmed my previous situation and expressed I had done what was right. That very thing was probably one of the biggest deciding factors for my next employer, who by the way held to the same standards of integrity, regardless of the price.

Take a Look

If you are a business owner, take a close look at those around you. Do you really trust them? Are they individuals of unwavering integrity, willing to pay the price of maintaining it regardless of the situation? What about those you contract with to provide goods and services you need? Do you trust them? Are you someone your employees, contractors, vendors, and customers have the confidence they can trust?

These are just some thoughts, but critical to consider in building your small business on solid ground.

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