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The Risks of Suppliers

Every company has vulnerabilities. For example, if you only have one customer or client and you lose them, you are out of business unless you can find at least one new customer. The more common scenario is when a company has multiple customers but one or two customers represent such a significant portion of their business that the loss any of them would considerably alter the picture. This change could be forcing a closure, cutbacks in employees, or other forms of financial belt tightening. Probably you are aware of this risk and are hopefully doing something to mitigate it.

There is another risk that many companies overlook–risks of suppliers.


You have undoubtedly heard the expression, Read the rest of this entry »


What is Your Business’s Weakest Link?

Recently I read an article about Jeff Bezos and the dominant and apparently ever expanding  role of Amazon on the web.  This got me to thinking about how the present connects to the past for business.

Weak Links Are Everywhere

First let me clarify, I in no way intend for the title of this article to suggest that I view Amazon as the weakest link for another business.  That said, Amazon is the dominant player in many areas.  Here is a company that started out selling books and has Read the rest of this entry »


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