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Problems of Delaying QuickBooks Start

If you are planning to use QuickBooks, delaying will only make it more difficult. Here are some reasons why.

Setup While Operating

If you decide not to implement QuickBooks at the beginning of a fiscal year, you will likely find that there is a real conflict later between staying current with your existing accounting system and doing what is necessary to start using QuickBooks. Although you can install QuickBooks with a Read the rest of this entry »


3 Reasons to Delegate

There is a debate that has existed for probably as long as business has existed; whether to delegate or not. I personally believe there are a number of reasons to delegate, with a caveat. With that said let’s look at some reasons to delegate.

You Can’t Be Everywhere

Unless you are omnipresent like God (which none of us are), then you cannot be everywhere. That by default means you cannot make Read the rest of this entry »


Commitment Matters

No matter what you want to accomplish, commitment is essential. Intentions are simply not enough. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When your company decides to make a change, are you sure the commitment level of all involved is sufficient? Now I’m a realist, so I realize you will probably never get everyone 100% on-board. But, unless you can get a strong buy-in then the chance of success is greatly reduced.

A Case in Point

I once had a client that decided Read the rest of this entry »


QuickBooks – Know Your Roles

Understanding QuickBooks roles when using QuickBooks is critical, and the failure of an employee to know and understand their role can be highly destructive of the software’s usefulness. An example is the failure to use items or using them incorrectly.

Recording Sales

Items are essential to the correct functioning of QuickBooks. Without the use of items there is very little you can do in QuickBooks. Items are used in recording Read the rest of this entry »


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