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Data Security

When it comes to data security you’ve probably heard the adage that every computer hard drive will eventually fail. Now, you may say, “Wait a minute. I’ve owned several computers and never had a hard drive fail.” That, however, misses the point, which is Read the rest of this entry »


Unplanned Obsolescence

We’re all familiar with the concept of planned obsolescence, but what about unplanned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence is when a product is designed to have only a limited life because it becomes outdated due to loss of functionality, appearance, customer appeal, or perhaps simply wears out. In general, planned obsolescence is somewhat intentional, the idea being that customers will either have to or desire to replace a product when is becomes obsolete. Read the rest of this entry »


Two Common QuickBooks Mistakes

QuickBooks is likely the first accounting software a small businesses considers when it’s time for more than paper and spreadsheets. But here is a warning.

Everybody is an Accountant

In the attempt to not spend too much, many business owners decide they will just go out and buy a copy of QuickBooks and then do their own installation, setup, and use.

Mistake Number One

There are multiple versions of the software, such as Pro, Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, etc. Unless the appropriate version is used a company may soon realize that the results are not what they expected. Along with this, the installation and setup, no matter what version is used, must be done correctly. For example, pick the wrong Read the rest of this entry »


Commitment Matters

No matter what you want to accomplish, commitment is essential. Intentions are simply not enough. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When your company decides to make a change, are you sure the commitment level of all involved is sufficient? Now I’m a realist, so I realize you will probably never get everyone 100% on-board. But, unless you can get a strong buy-in then the chance of success is greatly reduced.

A Case in Point

I once had a client that decided Read the rest of this entry »


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