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Cash Speaks Loudly

In a recent blog I gave a brief review of Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership. The review touched on a few areas of the book that discussed where companies (particularly small companies) frequently get in financial trouble. In the blog I mentioned how it brought a smile to my face when I realized how much of what he was saying was right in line with thoughts I expressed in an earlier blog, The Big 4 Capital Users. There was something else Ramsey discussed that is Read the rest of this entry »


Spend Wisely – Go Part-Time

Do you have unlimited cash to spend? Of course not! Even Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump have limited resources. Granted, they are not nearly as limited as the rest of us, but still they cannot endlessly spend indiscriminately.

Wasted Resources

After serving years as an employee in the CFO and Controller role, I suddenly realized something. Most of my time and effort was spent Read the rest of this entry »


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