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Set the Record Straight

Ever had the feeling you needed to go back and straighten out something from the past? This may not seem like a business topic, but bear with me. It is a common experience we all have. Unfortunately many people simply will not act on this sense they need to set the record straight.

Some Explanation

First let me explain why I started by referring to a feeling. Generally I don’t like to hear people say things such as “I feel like” but rather prefer to hear them say “I think”. The reason is that Read the rest of this entry »


Company Crooks

This posting was prompted by an article I read about what to do when a company owner was committing fraudulent activities to evade income taxes. Whether the fraud is committed by an owner or someone else, let’s cut to the chase and call them what they are: company crooks. While I will not rehash the tax issue, I do want to touch on the issue of fraud from another vantage point; that of the employee or contractor/consultant who has knowledge of a fraudulent activity.

It Could Be Anybody

If you are in a position with a company where you have any kind of fiduciary responsibility this is for you. That not only means CFOs and Controllers, but Read the rest of this entry »


Out of Control Expenses

Expenses are one of those things that sneak up on us. For a few months everything may seem reasonable, but suddenly everything seems to change for the worse and you have out of control expenses. You’ve probably experienced this on a personal level. You may find yourself asking, Read the rest of this entry »


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