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Cut Costs Wisely

Many companies have experienced or are continuing to experience a decline in sales. For many it has been significant. Without adequate sales, it is a struggle to cover costs and be profitable as well. Some companies have addressed this by borrowing more. While there may be some situations where this is necessary, many times it would be better to cut costs and manage assets and liabilities more effectively. Remember, those loans will have to be repaid at some point and this can place a heavy burden on a company.

There is a Downside to Cutting Costs

You may have decided to cut costs (expenses and asset purchases) as a way to address the decline in business. Good. That is one of the first and more effective things you can do. But, you need to cut costs wisely. For example, Read the rest of this entry »


Another Financial Downturn?

If you are like many business people, you are probably wondering if the U.S. economy is headed for another financial downturn. The uncertainty from Washington makes that understandable.

What We Know

With the last minute legislation passed at the end of 2012, the tax rate picture is a little clearer. We now know that those in approximately the top 2% of income will pay a higher marginal tax rate. This in itself probably is not enough to cause a major financial downturn. In addition, we also know that Read the rest of this entry »


Preparing for an Economic Slowdown

An economic slowdown is one of those topics few like to talk about, including me. Regardless, it is something that every company should be prepared to face. Failure to do so is actually an invitation to significant trouble or worse.

The Business Cycle

If you have been in business any length of time, you are undoubted aware that our economy goes in cycles. There are boom times, times where business is okay but nothing really all that special, and times when you wonder what happened. That’s the reality of business. In fact, some businesses Read the rest of this entry »


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