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Unfocused Business

If you’ve ever tried to convince someone of the merits of your business idea, then you may have experienced the pitfalls on an unfocused business. If you adequately thought things through in advance you may have avoided that unfortunate experience.

What Am I Talking About?

Many of you have probably watched the TV show where entrepreneurs Read the rest of this entry »


Perfect is a Roadblock

Have you ever been working on something and continued to feel it needed just a little more work before you released it to others? Perfect can be a problem. For starters, you can always find something that can be improved, and if you wait to have it perfect you will create a roadblock to accomplishing your goals.

The Reality

Imagine you are involved in creating a new product, service, or even an entire company. After working diligently for months you finally have what you think is pure perfection. It’s not, and as soon as you turn the product, service, or company loose on the public the game is over; well at least the game you are Read the rest of this entry »


Prepare for a Rainy Day

While reading an article about the funding levels of various cities around the county to finance future retirement and medical benefits, it was shocking to see how many had very little set aside. Some even had nothing funded for health care. This is a potential disaster that threatens the financial stability of these cities. In fact, if a city fails financially the repercussions will impact other areas of society as well.

What Does The Have to Do with Me?

These cities were so caught up in appeasing the present needs and wants of people that they failed to look to the future. Notice the word wants in the previous sentence. This is highly likely a lot of what caused this problem of not being able to Read the rest of this entry »


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