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Be Cautious in Your Assumptions

Assumptions make it more efficient to operate but also can harm results, so it pays to be cautious in your assumptions. Read the rest of this entry »


Confidential Information

How we designate information as confidential and maintain this confidentiality is often overlooked. Yet confidential information needs two things: accessibility to those who need it and protection from those who don’t.

What Needs to Be Confidential?

I suggest that we work backwards in this process. That is, start with Read the rest of this entry »


Overly Complex

Business can be a little like assembling something. Why? It is because it is often overly complex. If your reaction is anything like mine, even after you finished putting something together you still wondered, “Who designed this and did it really need to be so complicated or require so many parts?” Then you may have wondered who wrote the Read the rest of this entry »


Integrity | A Business Essential

I’m amazed at the number of companies I hear about who have caused customers, employees, and suppliers immense financial pain because of a lack of integrity. Think about the housing bubble and the financial fiasco creating with the collapse of the sub-prime housing market and the bundled loans. What about the Madoff Ponzi scheme? How many people were hurt there?

Trustworthy and Dependability

In the posting Talk to Your Vendors we looked briefly at Read the rest of this entry »


Majority Rules, or Do They?

Is it always good for the majority to rule in business or is there something more to consider?

Business Decisions

It is not unusual for a business to make decisions based on the majority opinion of the managers. You may have had the experience of being in a meeting where a decision needs to be made. After hearing various opinions it is common that Read the rest of this entry »


Are All Those Expenditures Necessary?

If you own a house, unless you are unlike most people you find after a fair amount of time that clutter appears. Interestingly, when you decide to do something about it the initial reaction can be a feeling of being overwhelmed. That is why one of the recommended ways to reduce stress is to de-clutter. Likewise, clutter is something that creeps into every business at some point, especially when it comes to unnecessary expenditures.

Paper Everywhere

A typical area a business becomes cluttered is with paperwork. When it comes to records, the same thing can happen with Read the rest of this entry »


Principle Based Decisions

Do you have a method of making decisions in your business? That may sound like a silly question, but it’s not.

Everybody Has Their Own Way

The difficulty with making decisions for a company arises largely from the different approaches people use. There are those who make decisions largely on an emotional basis, those who use analysis, those who look at how others have made decisions and people who make principle based decisions. Let’s take a brief look at each method.

Emotion Based Decisions

This is one that is easy to fall into but has considerable shortcomings. Just examine your personal life. How many times in the heat of the moment have you done or said something, only to realize later you were acting out of your emotions. Looking back you may wish you had delayed and more carefully considered the appropriate response. The flaw here is failure to Read the rest of this entry »


Too Much Input

Reporting guidelines are critical. If you have ever been in a position where you report to more than one person, you may know the difficulties and challenges this can present. Some of the issues that arise include:

  • To whom do you respond first?
  • Instructions from more than one person that conflict
  • Being used as a pawn by one manager against another (a no-win situation)

The bottom line is an employee in this position is experiencing too much input. I’m not going to try to tell you how to get yourself out of this situation if you are an employee already in it. You do have my sympathy though as I have been there and it is no fun. Really this post is addressed to business owners and managers as they Read the rest of this entry »


Useless and Unworkable

Take a close look at how you operate. Do you have policies and/or procedures that are outdated? Do they actually make it harder for employees to be effective and efficient? If so, ask yourself some questions.

Was This Ever Needed?

Upon examination you may find that your company has policies and procedures that never were needed or were so poorly designed that they never worked as intended. This is actually a fairly common occurrence. A policy or procedure starts out being Read the rest of this entry »


3 Serious QuickBooks Errors

Before using QuickBooks it is wise to understand some of the important things to practice to obtain the desired results. Here are 3 Serious QuickBooks Errors that are common and should be avoided.

Items Used Incorrectly

If you have used QuickBooks at all then you probably know the importance of using items. Items are one of the lists used in QuickBooks, and without them it is just about impossible to accomplish anything when using this software. You cannot even Read the rest of this entry »


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