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Uninterrupted Time Off

Ever been on vacation or a holiday and seen others tied up on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone taking care of business? That is certainly not uninterrupted time off. Perhaps you have experienced the same thing. My question is, does that count as time to rest and recuperate?

Nobody is That Crucial to a Business

While individuals are not replaceable to family and friends, that is not true for work. Think about it. We have all known someone who died. For their family the loss left a void that can never be filled. The same is true when someone leaves the family. The best they can do is to mourn their loss and then eventually move forward.

However, when it comes to business, what happens when someone dies or quits? There may be other employees who feel a sense of loss, but usually not like that of losing a family member. In the case of an employee who quits, there may also be a sense of Read the rest of this entry »



In a recent posting Be Different I looked at the need to be willing to take a different path from others. The point was that we cannot just blindly do what everyone else does. That was not intended to say that we always act differently, but only as a warning that we all need to be careful about what habits we adopt.

But Then There is Consistent

Despite the need to be willing to be different, that does not imply that we can constantly be doing things a different way. For the most part, customers want to know Read the rest of this entry »


Micromanage and Be Ineffective

As soon as you assign a project to someone to lead or perform, it seems as if you’re back asking questions on the progress and telling them what to do next. Sound familiar? Now put the shoe on the other foot and imagine someone is trying to micromanage you. How does this make you feel? Do you feel like they think your abilities are inadequate?

Employees Have to Develop

If you have ever watched young birds when they first try to leave the nest you can get a picture of what Read the rest of this entry »


Cut Costs Wisely

Many companies have experienced or are continuing to experience a decline in sales. For many it has been significant. Without adequate sales, it is a struggle to cover costs and be profitable as well. Some companies have addressed this by borrowing more. While there may be some situations where this is necessary, many times it would be better to cut costs and manage assets and liabilities more effectively. Remember, those loans will have to be repaid at some point and this can place a heavy burden on a company.

There is a Downside to Cutting Costs

You may have decided to cut costs (expenses and asset purchases) as a way to address the decline in business. Good. That is one of the first and more effective things you can do. But, you need to cut costs wisely. For example, Read the rest of this entry »


What You Say Matters

A Bad Experience

Recently I was shopping for a gift. What the gift was makes no difference. It was, however, something that was relatively expensive and needed to be researched carefully to be certain the purchase was a wise one.

I went in a store that shall remain nameless and became interested in a particular model. The price was excellent, but still it made sense Read the rest of this entry »


Do You Lead or Manage?

Have you ever considered the difference in leading or managing? Often companies put people in a leadership position and all they really do is manage. Let me elaborate.

CFO or Controller

It is common in small companies to have the head of the financial operations to be called a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or a Controller. Frankly, my observation is that this rarely is based on anything other than what the CEO or President of the company wants or even a personal desire of the person in the position. While there is some overlap, there is really a fundamental Read the rest of this entry »


Healthcare Law Impact

As you certainly know by now, the results of the November 2012 election made it a certainly that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will be implemented over the next couple of years. Just what does that mean to you?

A Nightmare

This law will have major effects on nearly all businesses, particularly those with over 50 employees. The requirement for employers with over 50 employees to provide health care or pay a fine creates a dilemma for many. Some will decide that the increases in premiums that are expected present Read the rest of this entry »


The Age Issue

What’s In a Number?

If you have followed the job market at all you are probably familiar with the issue of age discrimination. It is real, but perhaps overblown. Or, is it? So, what is in a number? Is there some magical number for someone’s age at which they are no longer useful in the work world? Let’s look a little closer.

When Age May Matter

Suppose your company needs someone who is able to Read the rest of this entry »


Business is Messy

My background is accounting, finance, and operations. In particular the accounting part of this can be messy. There always seems to be too much paperwork. Of course now much of that is being converted to digital documents, but still there is a lot of mess associated with accounting.

It’s about More than Paperwork

As messy as paperwork can seem, there are other aspects of business that are even messier. For example, consider Read the rest of this entry »


What Do You Do Well?

Whether we consciously think about it or not, nobody has all the answers and skills needed to successfully run a business. In an earlier blog, The Know It All, I discussed the frustration of working with someone who is a know-it-all. Likely, we all have encountered someone like this.

We are All Unique Individual

Each person brings a unique blend of personality, skills, talents, abilities, gifts, and passions to the table. It is the responsibility of management to Read the rest of this entry »


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