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Taking Risks is Essential to Business

The unknown can scare anyone, and the more unknown something is the more it can scare us into not acting.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

All of us have probably heard numerous times, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I have no idea where this statement originated, but it is certainly true. Oh, I suppose we do occasionally experience an unexpected gain when we have done nothing to cause it, but that is the exception. Read the rest of this entry »


Trust Your Intuition

Ever just sensed something is true or needs to be done but lack immediate evidence. We frequently are tempted to try and block this out and make a decision or take action based on what we know for sure. That is often a mistake. Intuition has a purpose.

Intuition Comes from Somewhere

Although we may not be able to immediately put our finger on it, an intuitive thought has some cause even though at first it may seem to have come out of nowhere. Being a highly intuitive person, this is a common experience for me. But when I stop and think carefully, I often am able to remember Read the rest of this entry »


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