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Surviving Change

Change is one of things we seem to either love or hate. Listen to some of these phrases about change. The Times They Are a-Changin (song by Bob Dylan), “Change or Die”, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” (Quote by Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher), and “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there” (Quote by Will Smith). Obviously these are just a few statements about change, but they do illustrate four important things about change.

  1. Change inevitable, so embrace it (See Change or Become Irrelevant)
  2. Change is essential (see We’re Making Money – So Why Change?)
  3. Change is continuous (See Ready for Some Change?)
  4. Change test our character (See The High Price of Integrity)

Change is Inevitable

There is a humorous quote by Albert Einstein that says Read the rest of this entry »


What is Business Success?

Is your business successful? How do you know whether it is or isn’t? First, you need to know what success looks like.

Traditional Definition of Success

Traditionally we tend to think of success along the lines of achieving goals, obtaining wealth, favorable outcome, or something similar. We even refer to someone who has done this as a success. Let’s look a little closer.

Some Examples

In sports the pinnacle of success is winning a national title, a championship, or a medal such as the gold medal in the Olympics. In business we might consider success as Read the rest of this entry »


What You Say Matters

A Bad Experience

Recently I was shopping for a gift. What the gift was makes no difference. It was, however, something that was relatively expensive and needed to be researched carefully to be certain the purchase was a wise one.

I went in a store that shall remain nameless and became interested in a particular model. The price was excellent, but still it made sense Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Selling Snake Oil?

You may have heard that a person’s decision to buy something is at the core an emotional decision. I know none of us want to admit to that. We all think we are different from everybody else. But we’re not. Think about it. Have you ever bought anything and later looked back and realized that the so-called “rational reasoning” you though you used when you made your decision to buy was actually somewhat irrational? Now consider purchases you have made that still seem like good ones. If it has been a while since the purchase, you even then may be able to see that you really didn’t make your decision in a completely rational manner. In fact, there is a good possibility that shortly after committing to the purchase you began to rationalize it in your mind. That probability is even greater if someone questions the wisdom of your purchase decision.

It’s Only Human

Give yourself a break. Everyone does this to some extent. Yes, we may go through the process of trying to weigh the pros and cons of a purchase decision, but eventually it is emotion that tips the scales one way or the other. But, knowing this, do we as business people have an obligation that we may not have considered.

Is it Snake Oil?

When we are trying to get others to buy our products or services, do we have an obligation Read the rest of this entry »


Is That Really the Truth?

We live in a time when we are inundated with news, facts, figures, claims, statistics, and other information. This growth in available information is accelerating as the methods of spreading it are added. We now have word of mouth, mail, email, websites, Google and other search engines, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and the list continues to grow. In fact the available ways to send and receive information can be overwhelming.

But There’s a Problem

With all the information with which we are bombarded, how can we tell what is true, and even if true is it valuable? First, what is truth? I once heard a definition that I think is helpful. Truth is anything (symbol, word, etc.) that corresponds to reality. So, for example, the word light corresponds to the reality we know at light, and likewise the word two or the symbol 2 correspond to a particular value we know.

The Problem is Truth Claims

Each day we hear numerous statements, some of which Read the rest of this entry »


Work and Personal–A Common Thread

If you attend church you are familiar with the concept of a Sunday Christian. This is a person who acts one way on Sunday and a whole different way during the rest of the week – even varying their behavior based on the group they’re with. There is in essence no common thread to who they are.

A Highly Stressful Way to Live?

Perhaps you have read the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is the story of a struggle by one man who seems very good at one time and quite an evil individual at another time. I won’t get into the various interpretations of the book, but merely use it as an illustration of how some live. One moment they are Mr. Nice Guy and the next moment Read the rest of this entry »


The High Price of Integrity

Earlier I wrote an article, Integrity-–-Success Demands It, in which I discussed the importance of maintaining high integrity in business.

There Is a Price

In my earlier writing I mentioned a couple of instances where I was faced with having to refuse to do something I knew to be dishonest or had to report the dishonesty of another employee. While it was actually easy for me to maintain the position I took, the consequences were another story. In both cases Read the rest of this entry »


Integrity – Success Demands It

I write this under the assumption that you have a standard of integrity to which you strive to adhere.  If you don’t, this article is probably not for you.  Well, maybe it is and will start a thought process that proves helpful.  In reality, our integrity at work should be indistinguishable from our integrity outside of work.

Ever Had this Happen?

Have you ever been in a work situation where you were told to Read the rest of this entry »


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