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Benefits of Taking a Break

How often are you doing a work-related task or project and seem to be stuck? It’s likely more often than you realize. Here’s way to get unstuck.

A Personal Example

While I’ve known that there were benefits of taking a break for quite some time, recently this was driven home by Read the rest of this entry »


Decision Gridlock

Everyone has found themselves sitting in traffic gridlock, but that is more frustration than a serious issue. However, when a business experiences gridlock it can be very serious and often very costly.

Typical Business Gridlocks

A previous post called Business Bottlenecks was a discussion of how business can be slowed or even brought to a standstill if a bottleneck is encountered. A typical example would be in manufacturing where one stage is unable to process items at a rate sufficient to keep production flowing smoothly and uninterrupted. That same thing can happen in office duties as well. While this could also be a form of gridlock, often gridlock involves decisions. A classic example is seen Read the rest of this entry »


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