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It’s a New Year

New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them at some time in our life. Likewise, we’ve all failed at keeping them. Why is that?

A Misguided Commitment

I really think where we first err is that we try to do it with willpower alone. Now don’t misunderstand me. Will power has it place, but alone it rarely works. It generally ends up like the picture below.

 New Years Resolutions

I actually saw the picture above on and thought it summarized our dilemma quite well.

Just a Thought

I think if we are to improve at anything we first Read the rest of this entry »


Have You Reached Your Goal?

Have you reached your goal yet? Okay, this is a trick question, set me elaborate.


In a prior blog posting (What Are Your Goals?), I discussed the use of the acronym SMART when setting goals. As I mentioned in that post there of some variations of this acronym, but it is Read the rest of this entry »


What Are Your Goals?

Goals are one of those things most of us know we should use but often fail to do so. Basically they are what we use to realize our vision (see Why You Need a Vision Statement) and fulfill our mission (See Why You Need a Purpose or Mission Statement). Here are some thoughts on how to make goals meaningful and more likely to be achieved.


Failure to set goals for business leaves you directionless. Goals give you Read the rest of this entry »


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