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Problems of Delaying QuickBooks Start

If you are planning to use QuickBooks, delaying will only make it more difficult. Here are some reasons why.

Setup While Operating

If you decide not to implement QuickBooks at the beginning of a fiscal year, you will likely find that there is a real conflict later between staying current with your existing accounting system and doing what is necessary to start using QuickBooks. Although you can install QuickBooks with a Read the rest of this entry »


4 Reasons to Use QuickBooks Account Numbers

QuickBooks is one those accounting systems where you can choose to enter transactions in the general ledger by using account names instead of account numbers. For many people who do not work with accounting data that often this seems like a logical way to do things, and it can be. However, there are some very valid reasons why using QuickBooks Account Numbers may be a better way to go. Here are a few of the main ones. Read the rest of this entry »


QuickBooks – Know Your Roles

Understanding QuickBooks roles when using QuickBooks is critical, and the failure of an employee to know and understand their role can be highly destructive of the software’s usefulness. An example is the failure to use items or using them incorrectly.

Recording Sales

Items are essential to the correct functioning of QuickBooks. Without the use of items there is very little you can do in QuickBooks. Items are used in recording Read the rest of this entry »


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