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Think Twice About Debt

Christmas has just passed and soon people will begin to see the consequences of their gift giving. Some of course have been very disciplined by either paying with cash or at least knowing they had the funds set aside to pay their credit card bill in total. Those who cannot pay their bill in tota Read the rest of this entry »


Internal Funding

At some point every business faces a funding issue. Without cash to operate it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals.

The Timing Varies

It is not unusual for a start-up to struggle finding adequate capital for the initial phases of operation, particularly if the start-up will be a slow process. Most banks are not too keen on loaning in this situation and it can be extremely difficult to identify other sources. This is why so many start-ups are owner financed (internal funding) until they prove they are viable.

Other businesses require very little seed money to get rolling but face capital issues when they reach a certain size. They may find they cannot purchase the equipment, rent the necessary facilities, or purchase adequate inventory to grow. However, if their track record is solid, they demonstrate a sound growth plan, and Read the rest of this entry »


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