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Be Willing to Experiment

In my last posting Be Willing to Entertain What Seems Impossible I discussed the importance of learning to turn off negative, defeatist thinking and take on some challenges that at first may seem completely impossible.

Like it or not you and your surroundings are going to change. The question is, “Do you have any control over the change?” Read the rest of this entry »


What Do You Need to Succeed?

When something seems as if it can’t be done, have you ever considered asking yourself the question, “What do you need to succeed?” In the blog Ask What Would Make the Impossible Possible I touched on this in regards to others saying something was impossible. However, often the “Doubting Thomas” that is stopping us from proceeding is ourselves. Remember the expression from Read the rest of this entry »


The Proactive Business versus the Reactive Business

Does your business take a proactive approach or merely react to events? The difference is more than semantics.

What Does Proactive Mean?

Essentially being proactive means being anticipatory or to prepare for the unexpected. For example, rather than Read the rest of this entry »


Why You Should Keep a Flexible Business Plan

What happens when your business veers off course and your business plan seems worthless?

The Unexpected

Imagine you’re on a vacation that involves a long drive. You’ve planned your route carefully to allow you to see the things you want and to make the drive as quick and efficient as possible. Then, unannounced and out of nowhere it seems, detours arise that throw a wrench in your well-made plans. For some this becomes a cause for getting upset, others are frustrated but deal with it as best they can, and still others see it as an opportunity. Making and using business plans can be a similar experience. Read the rest of this entry »


How Flex Time Helps Business

More and more companies are moving to flex hours. Is that beneficial and why?

People Operate Differently

How many times have you heard the question, “Are you a morning person or an evening person?” The answer is probably a lot. At times this seems to be almost a rhetorical question where the answer was merely to satisfy curiosity or explain why somebody was the way they are. Well, that’s not very helpful. But, when coupled with the idea of Read the rest of this entry »


Testing Your Business Idea

For years I’ve loved working with start-ups and early stage businesses. There are numerous reasons, including the uncertainty and the need to be able make quick changes as the business begins to unfold. You might wonder why I would like uncertainty. Well, I like it because it keeps challenging me to grow and learn. If you are starting a business or even trying to grow a relatively new one, you will find it more enjoyable and improve your likelihood of success if you learn to like or even love uncertainty and change and the challenges both present. Whether a start-up or simply a relatively new business, you will need ways for testing your business idea.

The Disadvantage That Once Existed

It was not that long ago that you had to invest a lot of time and money simply to see if Read the rest of this entry »


Be an Agile Company

How agile is your company? That may sound like an unusual question, but it was prompted by another’s thoughts. I just read an article in CFO magazine encouraging small and mid-size companies to consider moving budgeting, planning, and forecasting to the cloud. Actually the article was an interview by CFO magazine.

Something Else

As mentioned, this interview revolved around using the cloud to increase agility for companies. But, let’s look at agility as it relates to some other things that impact the ability to be an agile company.

Organizational Simplicity

The term organizational simplicity is not a new one. At the heart of it I think is encouraging companies to avoid excessive complexity and the rigid inflexibility that comes with it. Essentially it encourages minimizing the number of layers in an organizational structure and increasing Read the rest of this entry »


Surviving the Economy

By nature I tend to be an optimist. One reason is that I have learned that so often we worry and fret about things that never materialize. As Mark Twain put it, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” The only reason I mention this is to make it clear that these are not the things I am addressing. Rather, I’m considering the things that either already exist or have a high probability of becoming reality.

Some Things You Just Can’t Change

Like it or not, you have to live with the reality that you can’t control everything. Let’s consider the national economy. You can vote for people who promise to address the national debt and/or reign in out-of-control spending. Of course, there is no guarantee Read the rest of this entry »


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