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Employee Questions

We all have heard the statement, “There are no stupid questions, only unasked ones.” But how often do we fail at this? This post was prompted by an online conversation in a group I belong to. Someone had started the conversation mentioning they had a few questions and some were stupid ones. Oh, really? Read the rest of this entry »


Justify Spending

Does your company have a way to justify spending? If so, have you realized that there may not be one all-encompassing way? If not, the why spend?

A Little Background

One of the first times I encountered this after college involved justifying expenditures for capital equipment. Actually I don’t even remember what method was used. It could have been return on investment (ROI), time to recover the cost through expense reduction, discounted cash flow or some other method. The point is, though, they did at least have some method in place to justify capital expenditures.

Years later a client would not even entertain the idea of justifying equipment purchases. The only method this particular client used was somebody said they needed it or Read the rest of this entry »


Too Much Input

Reporting guidelines are critical. If you have ever been in a position where you report to more than one person, you may know the difficulties and challenges this can present. Some of the issues that arise include:

  • To whom do you respond first?
  • Instructions from more than one person that conflict
  • Being used as a pawn by one manager against another (a no-win situation)

The bottom line is an employee in this position is experiencing too much input. I’m not going to try to tell you how to get yourself out of this situation if you are an employee already in it. You do have my sympathy though as I have been there and it is no fun. Really this post is addressed to business owners and managers as they Read the rest of this entry »


Useless and Unworkable

Take a close look at how you operate. Do you have policies and/or procedures that are outdated? Do they actually make it harder for employees to be effective and efficient? If so, ask yourself some questions.

Was This Ever Needed?

Upon examination you may find that your company has policies and procedures that never were needed or were so poorly designed that they never worked as intended. This is actually a fairly common occurrence. A policy or procedure starts out being Read the rest of this entry »


Employees Need More than a Paycheck

Have you ever heard a boss say to an employee, “With what I pay you I expect more”? While I certainly understand this idea, a form of this question can be asked in the other direction. Before any small business owners or managers get upset with that idea, please allow me to elaborate.

A Common Scenario

Although not as prevalent as in the past, there are still managers who Read the rest of this entry »


Brick and Mortar or e-Commerce?

My last post, Virtual Business, was a brief discussion of virtual business. Please read it if you need clarification of what virtual business is. This will be a discussion of the pros and cons of Brick and Mortar versus e-Commerce.

Why Brick and Mortar?

One reason some businesses are best as a brick and mortar operation is that the nature of the business requires a very hands on approach to Read the rest of this entry »


Virtual Business

This is going to be a rather short posting about virtual business. Regardless, it hopefully will make you think about how you operate your business.

What is Virtual Business?

Wikipedia defines a virtual business as one that employs electronic means to transact business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business that relies on face-to-face transactions with physical documents and physical currency or credit. Yes, I know Wikipedia has its limitations, but in this case the definition is a pretty good one.

So What?

If you are strictly Read the rest of this entry »


Knowledge or Wisdom?

Is There Value in Knowledge?

Obviously this question is a little bit tongue in cheek. Of course knowledge has value, if for no other reason than it broadens our thinking. But, that is of somewhat limited value. Let me explain. You should be encouraged to Read the rest of this entry »


You’re Not Alone

You’re not alone in anything you attempt. Okay, that is a little misleading as you can choose to go it alone, but even then are you really alone?

Trying to Go It Alone

There are those people who seem to want to be the Lone Ranger and do it all themselves. It’s as if they cannot trust others to do it right. Or, perhaps they want all the credit and cannot stand the thought of sharing it with others. But, the reality is nobody knows or can do everything. To go it alone is to Read the rest of this entry »


It’s a New Year

New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them at some time in our life. Likewise, we’ve all failed at keeping them. Why is that?

A Misguided Commitment

I really think where we first err is that we try to do it with willpower alone. Now don’t misunderstand me. Will power has it place, but alone it rarely works. It generally ends up like the picture below.

 New Years Resolutions

I actually saw the picture above on and thought it summarized our dilemma quite well.

Just a Thought

I think if we are to improve at anything we first Read the rest of this entry »


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