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How to Block Business Distractions

How often do you start your business day with the best of intentions only to find yourself doing anything but what you planned? If you’re like most people it’s more often than you care to admit.

Put it in Front of You

In an earlier article Triage for Business Issues I mentioned a technique that I first read about several years ago. It is one of the best ways I know to block business distractions. The technique is Read the rest of this entry »


Internal Communication

Nearly all of us are familiar with the saying, “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” Let’s look at that a little. This comes from the Bible in Matthew 6:3 in regards to giving. In essence it is saying that our giving is a private matter not to be done for show or to impress others. However, there is another way of saying the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing that is somewhat different.

A Little Story

Quite a few years ago I worked for a company that acquired another company. After the acquisition the management of the acquired company became the dominant group. While my role changing was fine with me, there was one thing that was troublesome. There were certain things that Read the rest of this entry »


3 Reasons to Delegate

There is a debate that has existed for probably as long as business has existed; whether to delegate or not. I personally believe there are a number of reasons to delegate, with a caveat. With that said let’s look at some reasons to delegate.

You Can’t Be Everywhere

Unless you are omnipresent like God (which none of us are), then you cannot be everywhere. That by default means you cannot make Read the rest of this entry »


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