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Why Are You in Business?

Have you ever stop to consider the question as to why are you in business? Typically the answer to that question is something like, “I was tired of working for and making money for other people” or “I wanted to be independent” or “I thought I could make more money with my own company.” While all of these may be valid, I believe each of them leave a business owner exposed to Read the rest of this entry »


Managing Customer Relationships

Many companies try to avoid the reality that they must be actively managing customer relationships. The truth is that we must do this. I touched on this a little in a previous blog post, Are You Delivering Value?. A large part of that post was devoted to the idea that we must determine exactly what it is that we are selling.

What Must Be Considered?

Picking up on the thoughts in the blog referred to above, we will find that what we are really selling is Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Delivering Value?

Value is something we hear about regularly. Yet, how many of us actually pause long enough or often enough to consider the question “Are You Delivering Value?” Every company and individual would do well to explore the answer to this question. We have to consider Read the rest of this entry »


Don’t Fall in Love with a Product

Change. It’s one of those things we cannot escape. When it comes to products and services to buy or sell, the same is true.

Some Big Changes

Can you recall when Microsoft was sitting on top of the computer world? Now, I’m not saying they will dry up and go away any time soon, but the landscape they operate in has changed, and if they are to survive they will have to change as well. It’s the nature of business – change or be changed. Read the rest of this entry »


3 Reasons Past Due Receivables May be Worthless

Customers; every business must have them. We are in business to make a profit but we cannot do that without serving customers. But, if you sell on credit you will at some point have a customer who fails to pay on time. It is critical to stay on top of this or a receivable may become a bad debt.

Two things to remember:

  • A bad debt is worse than losing a sale as you not only lose the revenue but also the cost of the product and other resources devoted to making the sale.
  • A sale is not really final until converted to cash.

With these two things in mind, I would like to focus Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Sending a Mixed Message?

This is going to be a rather short post as I think the point is very straight-forward.

An Interesting Experience

A few weeks ago I was in one of the large warehouse clubs. When I had finished paying and was heading out something struck me as very odd. They had begun to sell motorcycles. No, that’s not what was odd. The odd thing was that right beside the display of a motorcycle was a display for wheelchairs. Hmm, somehow I don’t think they realized that seeing the wheelchair just might cause someone to pause and consider whether purchasing a motorcycle was in the best interest of their health. It was definitely a mixed message. Similarly, I was walking through a bookstore and noticed Read the rest of this entry »


Customer Service | It Really Matters

Every last one of us had experienced it. And, none of us will forget it. What am I talking about? Quite simply, I’m referring to an experience with a company that just simply leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth. In other words, the experience where we walked away thinking, they have no idea what customer service is all about.

The Customer Has Expectations

Several weeks ago I blogged about how the old saying, “The customer is always right” was not actually true, but it should help us understand how a customer expects and deserves to be treated. You can read that here. Is the Customer Always Right? The bottom line is that a customer should leave their interaction with a company believing they were treated fairly and as if they were right, even if they realize they were not entirely correct in their position.

A Personal Experience

Recently I had an issue with my TV service when it was necessary to Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Selling Snake Oil?

You may have heard that a person’s decision to buy something is at the core an emotional decision. I know none of us want to admit to that. We all think we are different from everybody else. But we’re not. Think about it. Have you ever bought anything and later looked back and realized that the so-called “rational reasoning” you though you used when you made your decision to buy was actually somewhat irrational? Now consider purchases you have made that still seem like good ones. If it has been a while since the purchase, you even then may be able to see that you really didn’t make your decision in a completely rational manner. In fact, there is a good possibility that shortly after committing to the purchase you began to rationalize it in your mind. That probability is even greater if someone questions the wisdom of your purchase decision.

It’s Only Human

Give yourself a break. Everyone does this to some extent. Yes, we may go through the process of trying to weigh the pros and cons of a purchase decision, but eventually it is emotion that tips the scales one way or the other. But, knowing this, do we as business people have an obligation that we may not have considered.

Is it Snake Oil?

When we are trying to get others to buy our products or services, do we have an obligation Read the rest of this entry »


What is the Purpose of Your Purposes?

At first thought the question “What is the purpose of your purposes?” may sound like doublespeak. But it really isn’t. In an earlier blog post, Why You Need a Purpose or Mission Statement purpose was initially addressed. Along with that blog were two other blogs, Why You Need a Vision Statement and Why You Need a Values Statement to help round out the thought process. Here I want to delve a little deeper into purpose.

How Do You Learn?

Okay, say you have a purpose statement, and for the sake of our discussion, let’s say that statement reads, Read the rest of this entry »


The Over 90 Days Customer

Every business that sells on credit has had, has, or will have them at some point “Those customers who think your purpose is to bankroll them”. Here I am primarily talking about the customers whose accounts receivable with you are routinely over 90 days. I recognize that in some industries that over 90 days is the norm, but for most businesses, once a customer’s account gets to 90 days, there is a high likelihood that what they owe will become a bad debt. I touched on this in an earlier blog, 3 Low Cost Sources of Cash – Part 2, but here I want to delve into this in more detail. Read the rest of this entry »


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