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The Daily Grind

By doing essentially the same thing each day for an extended time, most of us are prone to seeing it as the daily grind. Are there ways to escape that mindset?

A Reality Check

Let’s face it. Most jobs, even if you own the company, have certain things that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The yearly ones are not the ones we get bored with as a general rule. But monthly, weekly, and especially daily routines can become rote and boring. Putting aside Read the rest of this entry »


Is it Urgent?

Everyone at some time feels the pressure to do something that either they or someone else has deemed urgent. But is it urgent?

Some Background

In the posting Triage for Business Issues we looked at how we use our time with a diagram based on Stephen R. Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The diagram has four quadrants as follows:

  1. Urgent and Important
  2. Not Urgent but Important
  3. Urgent but Not Important
  4. Not Urgent and Not Important

Amazingly many people manage to Read the rest of this entry »


Out of Control Expenses

Expenses are one of those things that sneak up on us. For a few months everything may seem reasonable, but suddenly everything seems to change for the worse and you have out of control expenses. You’ve probably experienced this on a personal level. You may find yourself asking, Read the rest of this entry »


Responding to Unmet Expectations

One of my favorite books of all time is Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian. Essentially the book addresses how we so often tell ourselves things that upon closer examination simply are not true. One particular thing discussed is telling our self lies when someone fails to meet our expectations. Unfortunately this is an easy trap to fall into because we are so often unaware of our self-talk. This leads to something in business that we often do not comprehend. Below is a rather extreme example. Read the rest of this entry »


What Do You Do Well?

Whether we consciously think about it or not, nobody has all the answers and skills needed to successfully run a business. In an earlier blog, The Know It All, I discussed the frustration of working with someone who is a know-it-all. Likely, we all have encountered someone like this.

We are All Unique Individual

Each person brings a unique blend of personality, skills, talents, abilities, gifts, and passions to the table. It is the responsibility of management to Read the rest of this entry »


5 Reasons to Get Help with QuickBooks

I remember the first time I heard someone say, “I don’t need an accountant. I have an accounting system to do that.” Yeah, right. Today, that statement is often heard as, “I don’t need an accountant. I have QuickBooks.” Here are 5 reasons why that just might be a mistaken assumption and you should consider help with QuickBooks.


The knowledge I am referring to is not just about QuickBooks, though it certainly helps if someone has familiarity with it. I’m also talking about a strong understanding of good accounting practices. For example, I had a client Read the rest of this entry »


Part-time CFO for a Startup

The time has finally come. You’ve thought about this moment for a long time and now it’s actually arrived. You new company is open for business. You’re officially a startup. There is something you likely still need to consider.

You Covered All the Bases

You made sure you had adequate staff. You made sure you had the necessary products. You have spent time before opening to spread the word about your new business. All of these and other things are important. But I bet there is one thing Read the rest of this entry »


Triage for Business Issues

We’ve all been there. It seems like the issues we are facing are overwhelming. We just cannot decide what to do next. How do others handle this?

The Concept of Triage

You’re probably somewhat familiar with the concept of triage in the medical field. In the event of a major disaster medical personnel must divide casualties into groups. Basically those groups determine who gets treatment and in what order. In a sense it seems unfair, but without it many might die who had an excellent chance of recovery.

How this Relates to Business

In business the issues and decisions facing us daily can overwhelm us if we lack Read the rest of this entry »


The Know It All

Imagine you are attending a staff meeting. Employees can barely get a word in as the manager hogs the entire time, apparently trying to impress everyone with his or her extensive knowledge. Later you are asked to attend a senior management meeting of which you are not usually a part, but you have certain information they needed. This same manager from the staff meeting is present and again takes over the conversation. Have you ever worked with someone like this? There can be any number of reasons why they feel compelled to control every situation. Perhaps they are insecure and this is a way to compensate or they are basically a verbal bully. Maybe they really want people to know how smart they are. No matter the reason, the know it all can be one of the most irritating coworkers you will ever encounter. This is magnified if they are the boss or owner of the company. At some point, nearly every company encounters a know it all.

They’re Everywhere

We see these kinds of people everywhere. They exist Read the rest of this entry »


Work and Personal–A Common Thread

If you attend church you are familiar with the concept of a Sunday Christian. This is a person who acts one way on Sunday and a whole different way during the rest of the week – even varying their behavior based on the group they’re with. There is in essence no common thread to who they are.

A Highly Stressful Way to Live?

Perhaps you have read the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is the story of a struggle by one man who seems very good at one time and quite an evil individual at another time. I won’t get into the various interpretations of the book, but merely use it as an illustration of how some live. One moment they are Mr. Nice Guy and the next moment Read the rest of this entry »


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