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4 Wants and Needs of Employees

Are you a business owner or manager who sometimes wishes you had no employees? This is a common feeling when confronted with employees who seem like they cause more problems than they solve, consistently underperform, or just seem to be going through the motions without really becoming engaged in their roles.

Is It Really the Employee?

If you are experience any of the above issues, stop for a moment to consider Read the rest of this entry »


Why You Need a Purpose or Mission Statement

One of the most common questions people ask is, “What is my purpose in life?”  For our discussion we will use the word purpose interchangeably with mission.  Until a person comes to grips with their purpose or mission in life, there remains a sense of restlessness.  Quite frankly, the same is true of a business.  Without a sense of purpose it is easy for a business to be like a boat adrift in the water without any sense of direction.  Oh sure, you may know your core value (see Why You Need a Values Statement), and you may even be able to picture what you want the future to look like for your company (see Why You Need a Vision Statement).  But, unless you know the why behind your actions, your vision remains a dream and values remain unapplied in a meaningful way.

Success demands singleness of purpose.” – Vince Lombardi

If you recall the years that Vince Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers football team, you will remember Read the rest of this entry »


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