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The Dynamic Business Model

Have you ever wondered why what was once a thriving business seems to suddenly be struggling? Much of this I believe can be contributed to not embracing what I refer to as the dynamic business model.

Some Insight

Several weeks before writing this I read an article discussing how the business models for several of the social media companies were changing. The underlying reason was that the way consumers consumed information and communicated was in flux. While much of this change is being driven by Read the rest of this entry »


Not All Cash Measurements Apply

The past few weeks we have looked at several financial performance ratios and financial terms. Among these were a number related to cash measurements. The links below will take you to some of those articles:

This is not intended as an all-encompassing list of ways to evaluate cash, but rather is a list of some of the key and most common ones.

Your Company

I encourage you to get familiar with the terms above and how the calculations are made for each of them. Once you have done that, consider the cash measurements that mean the most to your company. For example, if you have Read the rest of this entry »


The Danger of Seasonality

Having just recently ended the Christmas season and the madness this creates in retail serves as a reminder of how difficult it is to be profitable. This difficulty is even greater when a business has high seasonality. Read the rest of this entry »


Change or Become Irrelevant

What do all of the following have in common? Hudson, Henry J., Crossley, Packard, Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Plymouth. They are all automobile brands that are no longer produced. At one time some of these were significant players in the automobile industry. So what happened?


When these companies were successful they were relevant to the auto world. At one time some were highly successful. Although they all ended their run at different times, they all have something in common. They lost their relevance in the sense that people stopped desiring these vehicles. But why did this occur?


These companies failed to sufficiently Read the rest of this entry »


Calculating Internet Sales Taxes

In an earlier blog (Internet Sales Taxes) we looked at where the U.S. stands on implementing sales taxes for internet sales in states where the seller lack nexus. The bill passed by the Senate (Marketplace Fairness Act) is intended to level the playing field for brick and mortar and internet businesses and address tax concerns expressed by states. That discussion touched on what the impact would really be and whether it actually did level the playing field. Again, this bill now Read the rest of this entry »


Internet Sales Taxes

By a vote of 69-27 the U.S. Senate has passed a bill called the Marketplace Fairness Act which allows states to collect sales taxes from online sellers whose out of state sales are $1 million of more. Whether the House of Representatives also will pass it is yet to be determined. There are pros and cons about the bill.

Some Pros

It is indeed true that states have not been able to collect internet sales taxes on Read the rest of this entry »


Brick and Mortar or e-Commerce?

My last post, Virtual Business, was a brief discussion of virtual business. Please read it if you need clarification of what virtual business is. This will be a discussion of the pros and cons of Brick and Mortar versus e-Commerce.

Why Brick and Mortar?

One reason some businesses are best as a brick and mortar operation is that the nature of the business requires a very hands on approach to Read the rest of this entry »


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