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The Beauty of Trial and Error

Very few things in business go exactly as planned, but that represents opportunity. That’s the beauty of trial and error. You can make changes or start fresh. If something didn’t go right with the first attempt that doesn’t mean you have to Read the rest of this entry »


Beware the Naysayers

In the workplace negative people drain the energy. A word of caution, beware the naysayers. You know the type. They see nothing but problems. In their eyes everything of doomed to failure. Read the rest of this entry »


Way Too Many Options

If you want to keep your business sanity make sure you don’t have too many options. Yes, you may like to have options but too many can be paralyzing. Read the rest of this entry »


Avoid Information Overload

In the business word there seems to be no end to available information. But decisions are easier if you avoid information overload. What does that mean? Read the rest of this entry »


Time to Stop Planning

Action means it’s time to stop planning. You may be thinking, “But wait, I want to be sure the plan will work.” Well, how will you know? Read the rest of this entry »


Sit On It Before Changing

When things change so fast how can someone say sit on it before changing? Let me explain. Read the rest of this entry »


The Time to Act is Now

Perhaps you’ve been contemplating making some changes to your business but find it difficult to make a move. This is a common fear.

There’s No Time like the Present

One of the most effective antidotes to fear is action. Generally what we fear will occur is greatly exaggerated. On a personal level, how many people Read the rest of this entry »


You Either Move Toward Your Goal or Away From It

Being deliberate in moving toward you goal is essential. Not doing so is actually moving away from it.

Life Moves On

When you set a goal it will not happen all by itself. You must have a game plan to make it happen and act on that plan. While it’s possible your goal could come to fruition without direct action, do you really think that is very likely? It is much more likely that Read the rest of this entry »


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