Stop Learning at Your Own Peril

Learning is a never-ending endeavor. Either your deliberately learn or you stop learning at your own peril. In the blog Be Willing to Experiment I discussed the important of accepting that change occurs and being the catalyst for the change we desire. Continuous learning is part of the process of being a catalyst for favorable change.

A Big Example

Think back about 10 to 20 years and try to remember the number of bookstores you saw. How many are still in business today? Now think about how they have had to change the way they do business. The advent of online selling of books and the development and marketing of eBooks has forever altered the book selling business. You don’t even have to leave your home to get a book you want delivered in a matter of a day or slightly longer. If you want instant access you can have a book digitally delivered to your reading device within moments of ordering it. I suspect the disappearance of some of these bookstores had multiple causes. Some were not under their control in that other companies changed the way books are bought and sold. However, there is another thing at play here as well. Some of these long-gone bookstores simply refused to learn how they needed to change to remain relevant. It was truly an example of learning is a never-ending endeavor. The reality that either your deliberately learn or you stop learning at your own peril dramatically impacted those stuck in an old way of doing business.

Another Big Example

Unless you are very young you certainly recall the popularity of catalogs. Numerous companies published these catalogues and mailed them to customers throughout the year. They had fall and winter catalogues, spring and summer editions, and special editions like Christmas. It was a fairly expensive process but for years was also highly productive and profitable. Then, in what almost seemed like an overnight change, the internet took off and people no longer needed these catalogues to find what they wanted. They could simply go online and search for an item and multiple sellers would popup in their search results. They could comparison shop based on price, reviews, features, etc. Additionally, sellers did not have to concern themselves with printing all those catalogues at multiple times during the year. They could also make changes to their offerings, prices, and marketing strategies essentially on the fly. Plus, they could see what people were really looking for and make changes to meet those demands. Advertising could be much more targeted.

And Your Company?

Are you embracing the truth that you stop learning at your own peril and proactively learning new things on a regular and preferably daily basis? If not you are probably putting the survival of your company in jeopardy by ignoring unprecedented opportunities to improve and grow sales.

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