Stay the Course

Throughout life we hear people say for us to stay the course. For small business that is extremely important. So, continuing the thoughts of an earlier post Don’t Let Failure Stop You let’s look at being persevering.

An Example

The phrase stay the course is commonly used in war time meaning to finish what was started in spite of any hindrances and difficulties. It is really a mindset that we adapt. In sports we may be trying to learn something new, which at first is very difficult. Yet, if we stay the course we are often able to master whatever we were trying to learn. The same is true in an academic environment.

How Does this Apply to Small Business?

Actually it applies to any business, but with small business it is often more difficult because of several reasons, such as:

  • Often you are on your own to a large extent
  • Others (friends, family, etc.) express their doubts
  • Failures tend to get magnified
  • All of the above contribute to being discouraged

But if you are determined to stay the course, then the reality is that none of the above should necessarily stop you. A failure can frequently be converted into a learning experience and be the impetus for a major improvement or breakthrough. Exposure to those who are nothing but negative should be minimized. Get feedback from those who are on your side, are willing to give honest input, and who are encouragers.

Success is not Instantaneous

Despite what often appears to be immediate success with some companies, the reality is that most of them experienced many ups and downs on the way to success. Plus, those with staying power recognize that any success is probably temporary and without continuous improvement success will begin to elude them.

In other words, you must stay the course for the long haul. Rather than getting discouraged and giving up, accept the challenge and push through.

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