Speed Up by Slowing Down to Think

The phrase speed up by slowing down to think may initially seem absurd. If you’re like me you periodically seem so busy that slowing down to think appears unlikely at best.

Clutter is a Hindrance

All of us from time to time find our work area cluttered. When that happens I find it difficult at best to accomplish what’s important. With all the clutter I can have difficulty deciding what to do next as the sheer volume of things in my work area offers too many options. You’ve likely had a similar experience. If you’re like me you probably reach a point where you simply stop what you’re doing and put things away, only leaving out what you really need. There is a great sense of relief when this task is completed.

Similarly, when we have too many items on our mind it is easy to have a cluttered thinking process that is racing from thought-to-thought and idea-to-idea, yet actually operating more slowly. So what is the solution? For me it is similar to decluttering my work area. I need to get rid of the mind clutter by slowing down long enough to sort through the things in my mind and then make a note of the ones that really matter. This is the essence of the idea speed up by slowing down to think as this allows the opportunity to eliminate lots of meaningless thoughts and ideas and refocus on the important.

But Random Thoughts Have Value

Despite the need to gain control over our thinking to get focused and accomplish more in a shorter time, there is a place for random thoughts. It is those random thoughts that sometimes provide a great idea that when acted upon produces significant positive results.

think for results

Despite the fact that random thoughts can produce great value, we still need the discipline of generally operating within the confines of a disciplined system of thinking and acting. It is when we are doing that that we are most likely to notice something out of the norm that might prove highly useful. When that happens is one of those moments when we can get sidetracked and seemingly come to a standstill. We can make a note of what is noticed or merely pops into our head and then set aside some dedicated time later to reflect on it. That way we are not distracted by this thought or idea and can stay focused on what is before us at the moment. This help preserve efficiency and effectiveness.

So, what about you? Are you caught up in the business of too many thoughts vying for your attention? Now is the time to speed up by slowing down to think.

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