So What if You Failed?

If there is one kind of individual that represents a business cancer it is the person who likes to focus on others’ failures. Well, so what if you failed? Remember the words attributed to Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Now, there is some debate as to whether Churchill said this, but nonetheless the concept rings true in general. Of course, there can be times when failure can be fatal, but usually this is not the case. In fact, failure at something is more likely to be fatal to future success in the endeavor attempted rather than the individual(s) attempting it. Quite frankly, that fatality of the attempt is more a reflection of the attitude of those involved than the magnitude of the failure. Often, they simply surrendered to their fears and gave up too soon. Likely the first thing they needed to do when faced with a setback was to face their fears of failure.

face your fears

Consider the quote of Eleanor Roosevelt above very closely. She is really viewing what may at first seem to be a monumental failure to be nothing more than a learning experience. In other words, learn something, regroup, and push on. Imagine if the Allied Forces had given into setbacks that undoubtedly were significant at D-Day. There may never have been victory. But rather than giving up they stayed the course. In other words, their attitude had to be one of, so what if you failed? Get back out there at keep moving toward victory.

Note one other thing in the Churchill quote and that is that success is not final. Yes, you can enjoy your successes but life keeps marching on and you will have to continue to grow and improvise. In fact, when you look back at some of your successes you will likely see many of them as nothing more than stepping stones to greater accomplishments. That’s because often when we start something we really don’t realize the magnitude of what we are attempting.

But Business is Not War

Anyone who thinks that business is not war needs to think again. Trust me, there are other businesses trying to be your undoing. There are sometimes even people working in your business that, crazy as it may seem, are rooting for you to fail big time just so they can gloat. That’s just how warped some people are.

Your responsibility is to ignore or minimize the impact of the naysayers and negative influences, accept failures as temporary, and, as the saying goes, keep on keeping on. If you encounter someone who want to point out your shortcomings, just remember to think so what if you failed?

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