Set the Record Straight

Ever had the feeling you needed to go back and straighten out something from the past? This may not seem like a business topic, but bear with me. It is a common experience we all have. Unfortunately many people simply will not act on this sense they need to set the record straight.

Some Explanation

First let me explain why I started by referring to a feeling. Generally I don’t like to hear people say things such as “I feel like” but rather prefer to hear them say “I think”. The reason is that feelings should be the result of what we think and the resulting actions we take. That is why bad feelings are not always a bad thing. For example, if you have absolute standards it means that sometimes you have to refuse to do something. That refusal could cost you a job or something else important to you. The resulting feeling, at least the initial one, is probably not a happy one. But this is a case of a bad feeling being a good thing.

There is another time where a bad feeling is a good thing and a time when we need to honor those feelings.


Imagine that you have not been completely forthcoming with someone at work. Let’s say you have talked behind their back to advance yourself, while at the same time possibly harming their reputation and even opportunities. If you have a gnawing feeling that you need to address this, this is one of those times you probably need to set the record straight.

As difficult as it may be to take the necessary action, it is essential that you do. You may have to, as they say, “eat crow” and come clean on the things you have done or said. It is not a time to justify your actions. The why for doing something is one thing, but it is not a justification. If you have wronged someone, go to them, confess what you did, ask forgiveness and offer to do whatever you can to make things right.

Of course, there is no guarantee that someone will forgive you, but that in no way mitigates the needs to take action in an attempt to right a wrong.

Business Needs Humility

Let’s be real. With the pressures that exist in the business world, we all from time-to-time do something that is damaging to others, sometimes without thinking about it. In order to keep a clean slate and keep business relationships where they need to be, it is essential to have the humility to admit when we are wrong.

If there is a lot of personal tension in your business and people seem guarded, there is a good chance that a little personal humility is needed. We do well to exam our work relationships and listen to that feeling that we need to set the record straight.

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