Recommendation by: Andrea L. Graham, Co-Owner at PAK BARA

“We have had the pleasure of working with Chris for years. His broad business knowledge has allowed him to provide our company with expertise in numerous areas. He offers tremendous insight with respect to managing costs and offers creative perspective to any process. Chris asks the hard questions but very poignant ones that really make you think about a particular market direction, cost-effective purchases or when to consider holding off. He has appreciation and knowledge of all areas of a business, with a clear understanding of the necessity that finance and accounting, sales, marketing, operations, and other areas all need to be working together. Additionally, he has been able to refer us to other specialists to meet specific needs. Chris is the only consultant for us.” – June 27, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Recommendation by: Lloyd Peterman, Owner, Western Floors, Inc

“Chris was an asset and a friend. We worked together at ITL, a supplier of flooring to the national apartment community. Our time together was quite rewarding based on Chris’s capabilities.” – February 2, 2010


Recommendation by: Lee Hardy, GM, NAS Manufacturing

I am currently GM at NAS Mfg. However, Chris worked for me when I was President of Teli USA, Inc. as subsidiary of Swedish Telecom. I can say with all honesty that Chris was the best finance and operations manager I’ve ever employed or had the pleasure to have on staff. He is an excellent communicator and has absolute integrity in the conduct of all his duties. I would hire him again, at any time. Chris is an exceptional individual.” – March 16, 2009



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