Serial Entrepreneur

Have you ever stopped to consider what really makes someone a serial entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is typically thought of as someone who develops an idea and takes it to market. It is easy to forget that is not the end of the road. To be successful they also must set and communicate their vision for the company and most likely be heavily involved in the day-to-day in the early phases and perhaps longer. That would lead us to believe a serial entrepreneur is someone who carries out this process repeatedly.

Too Narrow

The definition of an entrepreneur and s serial entrepreneur above would have traditionally been fairly accurate. However, today that is really too narrow. I say that because the speed at which business changes demands a broader concept of an entrepreneur.

It’s Never Ending

Okay, so you have developed a product or service and brought it to market. Now what? This is really just the start of the entrepreneurial process. Even if your company takes off and becomes successful, that does not assure on-going success. The entrepreneurial spirit is still essential. If is really more about a mindset of continuous improvement. Improvements can be to the existing product or the introduction of new products and services. This is just as much being a serial entrepreneur as someone who repeatedly starts new businesses and may even make a bigger contribution. Still, this is not sufficient to define a serial entrepreneur.

Everyone a Serial Entrepreneur

While certainly not everyone is a serial entrepreneur or even a one-time entrepreneur, remember it is more about mindset. For a company to grow and remain competitive, it makes a lot of sense for everyday workers to have some of this same mindset. Evaluating processes and developing better ways of doing something can be just as much an entrepreneurial endeavor as what is typically considered to be the work of an entrepreneur. When this is a continuous effort to improve it really is very much a serial entrepreneur endeavor. Think about it. Whatever individual or team conceives and develops the idea for improvement has to sell this to others in a company and most likely in the early phases babysit the implementation just like any entrepreneur. Ideally this is not a one-time occurrence but one that employees, managers, and owners repeatedly do.

We no longer operate in a business climate where the status quo will do. We should always be looking for ways to improve, and that is made easier if everyone in the organization has an understanding of this and is an active contributor.

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