Respect–A Great Starting Point

I touched briefly on respect in a prior blog, 4 Wants and Needs of Employees, but here I want to go deeper into the issue of respect.

The late comedian, Rodney Dangerfield was noted for his routines in which he used the phrases, “I don’t get no respect!“, “No respect, no respect at all… that’s the story of my life” or “I get no respect, I tell ya“. Actually, he was considered by many a respected comedian, but his routines expressed the frustration many people have on a daily basis. He would tell made up stories to show the supposed lack of respect he experienced. But, if you listen very carefully, you will realize that comedy is not far from the reality of many.

But, Don’t We Earn Respect?

It is indeed true that much of the respect people receive is earned. They may have achieved great things, shown tremendous compassion for others, or contributed to a cause far greater than themselves. However, that is not the respect I’m talking about.

People are People

Okay, people are people is a redundant statement, but a reality we often overlook. Simply by virtue of being human we are entitled to basic respect. Biblically speaking, we are created in God’s image, and as such, we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That in itself is ample reason to show respect for others, But, as the infomercials say, “Wait, there’s more.”

It’s a Two-Way Street

When we are deliberate about showing respect for others, we will find that nearly all people will reciprocate, even if it takes time for that to occur. Practicing this can go a long way toward keeping channels of communication open and improving relationships in all areas of our lives.

Respect Matters to Employees

If you have an employee who seems disengaged, lacking in motivation, and distant, stop and consider how you interact with them. I’m not pointing fingers here, just suggesting that someone has to make the first move. Be deliberate about showing respect for every employee, from the receptionist to the highest level executive. You will grow in their eyes and they will become more open and honest with you in expressing their thoughts. Hey, they might even start to respect you.

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