Real Commitment

How often do you write down your intentions? There are some good reasons why you should.

A Statement of Intent

When we only speak of something we plan to do, the strength of our intent is unclear and there is very little to hold us to it. When we put it in writing we increase the level of commitment we have made, and increased commitment improves the likelihood we will actually follow through.

The Power of Others

If we tell others what we are going to do, we greatly improve our likelihood of actually doing what we said we would. Even more effective is to put it in writing and allow others to read it. If we allow others to see our written commitments, we find ourselves motivated to live up to what we said we would do. If we don’t others begin to see us as undependable and all talk but not action. Putting it in writing and making it public by sharing with others impacts the way we see ourselves. In essence we are creating a contract with ourselves that others expect us to live up to.


Put It in Writing

Escape is Difficult

The reasons above (being seen as undependable and all talk but no action) put pressure on us to follow through on a commitment, particularly if in writing. If we casually state our intentions, particularly if we are the only ones that know them, we are only giving lip service to these intentions. On the other hand, when others know our intentions it is more difficult to escape. We want others to see us favorably.

How Does This Impact Business

In the business world, it helps motivate us if we are willing to put in writing our plans and goals. Then it is not so easy to forget about them when difficulties arise. Yes, we may have to make some modifications, but we still are expected by others and ourselves to make good on our intentions.

Do you and your company make written commitments? This can be for such things as sales, number of new customers to obtain, employee development, self-development, expense reductions, and a host of other things.

If need help identifying and formalizing in writing what your intentions are, contact us at AimCFO – Contact.

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