Personal Values Matter

Have you ever known someone who seems to makes decisions based on what is convenient for the moment? Here is one reason that happens. In a previous blog (Why You Need a Values Statement) some of the reasons a values statement was useful for a business were discussed. In a sense this expands on that but takes it to a more personal level

Personal Values

Just as a business values statement helps determine how employees interact with each other, customers, and vendors, a personal set of values help you determine how you interact with others and even with yourself. Without a fixed set of personal values we run the risk of being like the person above who makes decisions based on the convenience of the moment. That us very inconsistent and no way to live.

Consistent Value Benefits

If you have unchanging personal values you will be far more consistent in your decision making. This in turn helps you appear dependable because people are not surprised at a position you take, Over time they come to know how you respond to various situations and will realize that it is not the situation that drives your decisions but something else. They make not realize it is because you have personal values that direct you, but they will undoubtedly see you as consistent and dependable.

Another benefit to a fixed set of personal values is that they make life simpler for you. Each situation does not have to be individually evaluated in depth before a decision is made. This speeds decision making and reduces the stress of day-to-day life.

Personal values should provide a solid foundation, so take care in constructing them. In essence, build them brick-by-brick, taking care to make sure they align with each other. You’re going to be counting on the values to stand up to testing.


You Mean Values Never Change?

No, I don’t mean that, unless of course you are God. As humans we are fallible, and it is essential that we recognize that no matter how well thought out our personal values are, we will sometimes realize that we have embraced something that is incorrect. This is where situations impact us. Generally speaking, our values will direct how we respond to a situation. However, there are times when a situation causes us to rethink some of our values. That does not necessarily mean a wholesale change of a value, but rather a tweaking to make it better.

Have you taken the time to clarify your personal values and been deliberate about implementing them?

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