Perfect is a Roadblock

Have you ever been working on something and continued to feel it needed just a little more work before you released it to others? Perfect can be a problem. For starters, you can always find something that can be improved, and if you wait to have it perfect you will create a roadblock to accomplishing your goals.

The Reality

Imagine you are involved in creating a new product, service, or even an entire company. After working diligently for months you finally have what you think is pure perfection. It’s not, and as soon as you turn the product, service, or company loose on the public the game is over; well at least the game you are playing expecting perfection. But the real game is what do you do when others point out that what you thought was perfect isn’t?

It’s Ongoing

No matter what you are attempting, the truth is that continuing improvement is part of the process. You will never reach the point where you can just sit back and say, “That’s it. This is the best it can ever be.” No it’s not, and if you operate as if it is someone else will come along with a better mousetrap. There will always be another fork in the road where you have to do something. As Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” As silly as that sounds, it’s true. You can’t just stand there and let life and others pass you by. To some extent it is less important what fork you take than simply that you take one.

The Upside

If you think about it you will realize that much of the fun in work or any other area of life is continuous improvement. That means we all need to be learning every day and testing ourselves. Without this, business gets boring and eventually obsolete.

So forget about perfect because if you believe it can be obtained then you are creating a roadblock to getting started and to future improvement.

How about your company? Are you stuck trying to move forward. Just do something and see what happens. Few decisions are fatal to a business, especially with the speed at which a change of direction can be made these days.

Don’t let perfect be a roadblock.

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