Making an Impact

How often have you heard people say they want to live in such a way that they know they are making an impact? This thought probably is one of the most common ones people have. We all want to think we are significant and are leaving a lasting impact.

Who Do We Impact?

Obviously, one of the easiest areas to make an impact is on our own family members. But I’m mainly dealing with the work environment. There those that work for us are some of the most likely to be influenced by us. With that knowledge comes much responsibility. Are we helping to create a desire for continuous growth of both knowledge and skills? Even more importantly, are we encouraging our employees to maintain the highest level of integrity in their relationships with us, fellow employees, customers, and vendors?

Those Impacting Us

It is easy to get so caught up in thinking about how we impact others that we forget about how others may be making an impact on us. Yet, the reality is others influence us on a daily basis with their words and deeds. A friend who died recently had a profound impact on my life simply by the way he lived his. His unwavering devotion to speaking into the lives of others and demonstrating he cared via his actions influenced countless people for better. If you are an employee, how do you impact a boss? I recall one time having a heart-to-heart with a client over the way he had treated some employees. Interestingly he responded not defensively but with an unexpected humbleness. It obviously did not hurt our relationship as he later tried to hire me at another company he had joined. What about our co-workers? How do they influence us for good or bad?


I think a worthy goal is to daily think about how we can be making an impact on anybody around us in a positive manner. If it becomes habit to do so, perhaps it will become so automatic that we are not even deliberately pausing to think about how we may impact others but just do it almost as if it is second nature. I had a boss a number of years ago who appeared to be just that way. He was genuinely interested in how things were for employees, customers, and suppliers and never seemed to have any ulterior motives. He was just truly interested in helping others and so doing he made a lasting impact.

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