Loner Employees

Most companies with several employees have at one who goes quietly about their business. Why does this bother some people? Being a loner employee does not mean they don’t care about other workers or are unfriendly.

We’re All Different

There are some people, no matter where they work, who seem to mix easily with others. They draw a certain amount of strength from this interaction. Additionally they likely get ideas and are able to use others as a sounding board for their own ideas. These people are needed and quite often make work more interesting. But, what of those who keep their focus on the work before them? They may be a little harder to get to know, but we err if we mistake their ways for being unfriendly or even unhappy. They likely are just most effective when they stay focused on one thing at a time. They simply are not wired to engage in heavy interaction with others at work on a daily basis. Still, if you look closely you will see that they are probably accomplishing a lot, just in a quieter manner. I’ve actually known people who people viewed as a loner employee who were really anything but that. They simply knew what they had to do, did it, and then engaged others when they thought their role called for it.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly

I can remember working places where I was so busy at first that I had little time to stop to talk to anybody. Since that is not my natural style it was a bit uncomfortable for me, but necessary at the time. More interestingly some others where I worked assumed I was a quiet type and more of a loner. Wrong! You see, we need a fairly good period of time to understand what makes people tick. What someone is doing at any particular time may make them appear to be something they’re not.

If you work with someone you view as a loner employee, just take your time in getting to know them. That person you thought was highly introverted may surprise you. Once you actually know them a little better you may find that they really enjoy others, even if they continue to do most of their work alone and try to avoid being interrupted as much as possible.

The point I want to make is that we all should avoid rushing to judgement about other employees. They just might be very different from that first impression.

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