Keep Communications with Customers Open

Have you ever wondered why you lose customers when you thought the products you offered were exceptional as was your service? Maybe you’re not seeing, hearing or thinking the same thing as your customers.

Communicate Regularly

Even when you have had a customer for a long time and the relationship seems solid, you still need to touch bases on a regular basis. If you don’t then you are liable to one day lose a customer and have no idea why. If you keep communications with customers open you minimize the likelihood of this happening. By staying in regular touch you have the opportunity to ask questions that will tell you just how well you are actually doing.

An Example

In the blog Shop Around to Find Quality Insurance for Less I mentioned the importance of shopping your insurance on a regular basis. As part of that I noted that you need to be diligent in holding your agent accountable for being deliberate in looking out for your interests. Now put yourself in the agent’s shoes and consider how you will take care of your customers. An insurance agent is just an example. Regardless of what you sell you need to make certain that you know whether your customers are truly satisfied with your performance. If you keep communications with customers open and do this regularly, then you will enhance the likelihood they will let you know before it is too late and you lose their business because another company took the time to find out just what their needs were.

It’s Not About Just Selling More

When I say stay in touch with your customers I’m not talking about just seeing what else you can get them to buy. While that is desirable, you first need to be sure that they are happy with what you are already providing. When you do that you make them know you care. As a result they will be more likely to purchase additional goods and services. They will also let you know about issues they are having, thus potentially opening the door to offering more things to them.

Remember to keep communications with customers open and you will not only be more likely to retain customers, you will also be more likely to make additional sales to them and obtain referrals of others to your company. I’m not reluctant at all to recommend a company that has and is serving me well. It also goes the other way, so if I think I’m getting lousy service or sub-par products then I share that as well, particularly if nothing is being done to rectify my concerns.

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