It’s a New Year

New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them at some time in our life. Likewise, we’ve all failed at keeping them. Why is that?

A Misguided Commitment

I really think where we first err is that we try to do it with willpower alone. Now don’t misunderstand me. Will power has it place, but alone it rarely works. It generally ends up like the picture below.

 New Years Resolutions

I actually saw the picture above on and thought it summarized our dilemma quite well.

Just a Thought

I think if we are to improve at anything we first need the correct mindset. What is our motivation for the change we are seeking to make? What personal value do we attach to this desired change? What I am alluding to is that we are much more likely to stay the course if we are emotionally motivated as well as intellectually. If is is to truly be a new year we must be adequately motivated.

Have a Plan

Once we know our motivation both intellectually and emotionally we then need to develop a plan to implement the change. It is critical that we have goals with the plan. These serve to give us a target to aim for, give us a way to gauge our progress, and help us make corrections to our plan from time-to-time. This is much easier than just having an end in mind and then blindly proceeding. For more on goals see my earlier blogs  What Are Your Goals? and Have You Reached Your Goal?

What’s It Going to Be?

Are you going to succumb to meaningless New Years Resolutions or are you going to realize that change is an ongoing process that requires a plan with goals and not just willpower? With this approach it can be a new year all year long as you implement constant improvement.

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