It Has to Be True

How often have you heard someone use the expression it has to be true? Often this statement is an expression of wishful thinking. My latest blogs have dealt largely with thinking appropriately and this continues in that vein.

A Little History

This comment came to mind recently as I was thinking about some past experiences. Quite a few years ago I worked with someone who used this expression or some variation of it whenever he wanted something to be true. For example, he may have been commenting on something concerning the financial condition of the company and frequently would say “it has to be true” or perhaps comment on the reverse of what he wanted to be true by saying, “That can’t be true”. Often what he wanted to believe had no real support in the facts of the situation. He simply had a hard time facing the reality. But that was a problem. Why was it a problem?

A Hindrance to Progress

While my natural state is to be optimistic and to think things will turn out just fine, that does not mean I should avoid the truth. For example, if a company is in bad financial condition no statement claiming otherwise will change anything. Rather, the best thing is to acknowledge the truth of the situation and then device solutions. But, to deny the reality is not being optimistic and positive but rather delusional. This particular individual I mentioned would sometimes be angry when someone tried to convince him of the real conditions of the company and came across as a mad boss to his managers.

mad boss

The problem with his attitude is that over time employees became less inclined to address issues important to the company, especially knowing he would likely overrule them.

So think about it. Are you consistently living in reality, or when you want things to be another way do you try to change the truth by taking the attitude of it has to be true. Remember, it is necessary to know where you are in order to figure out how to get where you want to be.

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