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It happens to all of us at some point. We seem to be frozen, unable to move forward. Here are some thoughts on overcoming that.


In her terrific book, Mindset, Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D presents a detailed discussion of the impact of mindsets. One of the things I look for when deciding whether to read a book is to consider some of the people who have recommended it. In this case, some of my favorite authors spoke highly of her book and her work. I highly recommend this book. Mindsets are simply how we view life and our abilities. She basically sees us as either having primarily a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. The underlying premise of her book is that the mindset we adopt will be a key determinant of our future.

Fixed or Growth Mindset

In short, someone with a fixed mindset believes that their basic intelligence, talents, abilities, etc. are fixed. As a result, they tend to stay in situations where these are not challenged so that they will not feel like a failure. On the other hand, someone with a growth mindset believes they can improve not only their knowledge, but their intelligence, talents, abilities, etc. In other words, they do not see themselves as static and approach life as a great learning experience. They embrace challenges as an opportunity to improve their skills, intelligence, and talents.

What about Getting Unstuck?

Understanding the idea of mindsets and even more importantly, knowing whether you lean more toward a fixed or a growth mindset is a starting point for getting unstuck. If you are basically of the fixed mindset, I suspect you get stuck often, thinking you cannot accomplish what others have. Even if you only have a fixed mindset in certain aspects, even this will at some point cause you to get stuck.

So What is the Answer?

Basically, I challenge you to look closely at how you think about yourself and consider how these fundamental beliefs have impacted you in your business and social life. If you realize that you have been operating from a fixed mindset, begin to challenge your beliefs. You will undoubtedly find many of your beliefs about yourself are not based on reality but on your created reality. Again, be deliberate and challenge your beliefs. See if you can begin to believe that you are actually dynamic, not static. You are capable of tremendous growth if you are willing to allow for the possibility.  So get out of your frozen outlook and embrace the challenges with a belief you are capable of changing and growing throughout life.

get unstuck

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